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Communicate4.2.2. Digital Feedback Quest

on June 25, 2014


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The following links have great information:

Three digital resources that could be utilized when evaluating student work.   How these resources would enhance the level of specific feedback offered to students.

Source # 1 Р  Evernote allows you to send recorded messages, notes, store photographs and many more things.  I downloaded this application in my windows home computer and on my I-Pad.  I tried to record a message and it was pretty simple.  it can be downloaded free and has other paying options.

Source #2 Voice Recorder App on Smart Phone.  If you have an I-pad you will be able to download many applications like this one for free.

Source #3¬† This application will allow you to create attractive feedback, it’s free but it will take time to learn it.

How these resources would enhance the level of specific feedback offered to students?

Feedback is on the top of the list when it comes to student success.¬† Feedback that is positive, informative, and honest in a positive and encouraging way will increase student trust and performance.¬† The three examples mentioned above¬†offer teachers various ways to digitally share feedback with the virtual student and the traditional student and enhance their feedback.¬†¬†We must find ways besides the typical written note.¬†¬†Feedback that is an¬†audio form¬†or uses graphics will catch student’s attention and will give them the opportunity to respond in the same way.



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